BETTER Sleep? LESS Stress? MORE Energy? MOOD Boost?

We can help. Whether that’s a deeply relaxing bath that prepares you for BETTER SLEEP, a candle that creates a calm zone and LESS STRESS, a shower wash that helps you have MORE ENERGY, or a hand balm to give you a daily MOOD BOOST.

Whatever your wellbeing need, there’s a product for you.

Meet Nicola Elliott, NEOM Founder

“After spending seven years working 60 hour weeks as a journalist, I felt the stressful pace and noticed my friends rising stress levels, lack of sleep, energy and low mood too.

I loved my job… BUT boy did I feel it! So, I kick-started my wellbeing, trained as an aromatherapist and created effective pure blends.

First was Tranquillity for my sister who was having trouble sleeping. Then came Real Luxury to help my own anxiety and stress (it’s still in my wellbeing toolkit today). Then Feel Refreshed for my husband (who played lots of sports) and needed an energy boost.

Every product we create not only works on your wellbeing, it smells amazing too.”