3 New Ways to Up Your Sleep Game

Posted by Adam Meads, Apr 27, 2020

3 New Ways to Up Your Sleep Game

Why is life so bittersweet? The clocks’ changing means sunnier mornings and lighter nights but longer days can also play havoc with our shut-eye.

Especially when that al fresco glass of Rose is far more tempting than a bath, a book and an early night. Guilty as charged. Luckily, we’ve found three fantastic ways to segue into a peaceful night’s sleep so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your evening without panicking about fitting in your eight hours.


Soft, medium, hard? Feather or foam? One or two? Pillows are a deal-breaker between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. Which is why we can’t believe anyone didn’t think of Nanu sooner. Completely customised to you to enhance your sleep quality, simply log onto nanusleep.co.uk, enter your name, height, weight, the position you sleep in most (side, back or front) and voila, they’ll create your personalised pillow. Delivered to your door for free and filled with recycled materials from plastic bottles they’re environmentally friendly, vegan and hypoallergenic. Expect to become extremely protective over your pillow from here on in. £35, nanusleep.co.uk


Fitbit has nothing on Sleep Time (with 35 million users). If you already sleep with your phone and refuse to quit (we’ll try not to judge…), your best bet is to put your gadget to good use – and use it to track and improve your own sleep pattern. Recording movements, it picks up on your personal sleep stages, and can then wake you up at the optimal time (within a 30 minute pre-set window).


Sleep is precious and there’s nothing worse than knowing when you do wake up it’s a ‘hair wash’ day. Which is where a silk pillowcase can be a lifeline. Stopping hair from tangling into a matted mess that can in no way pass as ‘sexy bed head’ (we’ve tried it), they stop static too. Slip’s latest collection is our favourite. A grey and white marbled effect that’s super sleek, did we mention they’re good for preventing pillow face too? You know - that unflattering moment when you wake up with crinkly skin from faceplanting your bedding. Slip Marble Print Pillowcase, £79, slipsilkpillowcase.co.uk