4 Practical Energising Tips

Posted by Adam Meads, Dec 07, 2017

4 Practical Energising Tips

Late nights and snowy mornings when you’d rather stay in bed. For a powerful burst of energy try the energising house instead. For when the battery is running low (argh SO. MUCH. TO. DO! or too much Prosecco?) here’s your cheat sheet, to getting revved up to help you get your ‘To Do’ list in order!

2 moves. 2 recipes. ALL 4 for your body.Top up your energy bank with these small steps…

The Power Pose. For when it’s go, go, go

“I’m a huge fan of stretching to re-energise the body and get everything working”, says NEOM Pilates Expert, Julia Roberson. It boosts blood flow, oxygenating the body. These are 5 of our favourite moves - do these very slowly at first, really feeling every position. Repeat 3-4 times. Takes no more than 10-12 minutes.

1. Cat-pose

2. Child Pose

3. Downward Dog

4. Threading the shoulder each side

5. Lower back stretch

The 5 Minute Massage

Massage helps to boost circulation, which sends more oxygen rushing around our bodies. – A natural and powerful energiser. This 5-minute morning ritual is perfect after a shower. – Not only will it inject zing into your body but it will also set you up for a more positive day.


Place the heel of your palms under your hair on either side of your head, near your temples. Push the scalp up towards the ceiling, hold a few seconds and release. Work in sections across your entire scalp.


Pour a few drops of Neom Energy Burst Face, Body & Hair Oil into your hands, and warm between your palms.


Use your fingertips to lightly draw little circles along your cheekbones and temples. Gently rub your ears and earlobes between your fingertips.


Focus on dropping your shoulders, so they’re not up around your ears, and slowly tuck your chin to your chest, to stretch your neck. Place two or three fingertips on the back of your neck where your neck and shoulders meet. Press firmly and hold, then massage the area using a circular motion. Release when the muscles feels more relaxed.


Using a light tapping motion (as though you’re playing the piano), tap your lightly oiled fingers over your neck, chest, face and torso, to further boost circulation, and finish by massaging in the oil. The lightweight oil contains safflower and jojoba which leave skin beautifully moisturised – and best of all, the lemon and grapefruit scent will keep you energised all morning too.

Chocolate Orange Energy-Boosting Bites

We’re all about adding a natural energy kick where we can this festive season, so these no-cook bites of natural goodness will satisfy your sweet tooth and deliver a guilt-free boost when you need it most. Pocket friendly, keep these little energisers around on shopping trips or to power you through late night gift-wrapping sessions. Whizz them all together in a food processor, roll out and refridgerate.

Ingredients: 100g Almond butter 1tbsp Orange juice 1.5tsp Orange zest (about one medium orange worth) 2 tbsp Chia seeds (plus extra for decorating) 2 tbsp cacao powder 140g Medjool dates 100g pecan nuts

The too-much-prosecco-smoothie!

A healthy antidote to the night before… By Neom Nutritionist. Samantha Paget. Blend the ingredients below and drink up. These ingredients counteract dehydration, potassium deficiency and loss of all-important electrolytes - the 3 things that make us feel a bit... urgh when we’ve had a glass too many.

300ml Coconut water - super hydrating. Plus high in electrolytes AND potassium (this too helps with hangovers no end) 1 large banana. Also full of potassium for that energy boost ⅓ Pineapple. Also full of potassium. This contains an enzyme called bromelain, which eases digestion and is good for replacing electrolytes and hydrating you Blueberries to boost immunity and add vitamin K and C.