5 Super Soothing Self-Massage Techniques

Posted by Samantha Lawson, Dec 11, 2020

5 Super Soothing Self-Massage Techniques

Who doesn’t love a good massage from time to time? A good pampering at the spa can work WONDERS for your physical and mental wellbeing. But, we all live in the real world, right? We’ve got busy schedules, things to do; sometimes we don’t have the time to drop everything and get a professional massage. And sometimes, there’s a pandemic to cope with!

Well, we’ve got some GOOD NEWS! There are lots of soothing self-massage techniques you can do yourself at home! Here are 5 of the best…

1. Bye Neck Tension!

We put our necks through a lot, and it really doesn’t take too much for them to get overworked. One study found that when we look down at our phones, we’re putting over 27 kg of extra strain on our necks! Yikes…

So give your neck the TLC it deserves by using this simple method. Relax your shoulders and straighten up your back. Feel your neck with your hands and find out where it is feeling tender or sore. Then, press on those areas whilst moving your fingers around in small circles. Repeat counter-clockwise for about 5 minutes. After that, your neck should be feeling less tense and more relaxed.

2. Mind Over Matter

When we’re overworked, our heads can end up feeling a bit frazzled. It’s not a good feeling, and it can make it almost impossible to focus on the task at hand.

When your head is telling you it needs a break, try out this super easy technique. Place your fingers on your temples and start drawing small circles with your fingers. Gradually move your fingers up your head and press a little firmer as you go. Increase the size of the circles as you come up towards the top of your head. You can keep doing this until you start to feel some relief, so take as long as you want with this one.

Whilst practicing this technique, take a minute to mentally recharge as well. Place a Real Luxury Reed Diffuser near your workspace and inhale the calming aromas. The scents of lavender, Brazilian rosewood and jasmine can help to create a feeling of relaxation whilst you work.

reed diffuser

3. Knead that muscle!

OK, we’re working our way nicely down the body here! Next up is a trick to help your shoulders feel GREAT because sometimes we don’t realise how much tension we’re carrying in our upper body.

Start by placing your right hand on your left shoulder and grip it firmly. Then, gently push the muscles in that area back and forth, as if you’re kneading dough. Do that for about 30 seconds and then switch arms. See, we bet you’re feeling better already!

4. Put Your Feet Up

If there’s one bit of our body that works pretty darn hard, it’s our feet. If you’re running around all day from A to B, your feet can end up feeling overworked and sore.

Whilst you’re sat down, roll a tennis ball on the ground using the bottom of your foot. Press firmly to help reduce any knots, especially in the arches of your feet. It can be a surprisingly effective way to alleviate any twinges you might be having. It’s an easy technique to follow but one that can make a BIG difference.

5. A Warm Massage To Wind Down

And now for the REALLY good stuff. After a long day, light a Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle and wait until the wax has melted.

Now, for this one, you don’t need to follow any particular method, simply pour out the warm wax straight onto your skin and massage into your body. Your skin will feel nourished, refreshed and revitalised. Better still, the calming natural scents of the essential oils can help you to de-stress and feel GOOD. Adding a little magic into your massage routine is ALWAYS a good idea, so why not treat yourself? You deserve it!

   intensive skin treatment candle  reed diffuser

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