7 ways to keep moving when you’re working from home

Posted by Adam Meads, May 19, 2020

7 ways to keep moving when you’re working from home

We quizzed Louisa Drake, fitness expert, trainer to the stars and creator of the Louisa Drake Method (LDM), about the simplest things we can all do at home.

Since the lockdown I’ve been kept really busy with LDM, as I’ve had to navigate a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Luckily we can operate online and I had already created a selection of online workout videos. Live classes really help keep the LDM community alive, as do private online sessions, and it’s been wonderful seeing regular clients and meeting new people. 

I have a few self-care routines that help me unwind and de-stress. Using scents is a lovely way to energise first thing and to unwind before bed. I love a mix of NEOM scents from the mood boosting Happiness Candle for an energising scent in my home. I always try to make time to have a bath after a busy day of LDM clients and classes before bed, with a lit candle. It's a great way to unwind and magnesium based products always help me sleep well and as well as helps soothe sore and tired muscles. I adore the Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter and I love using my jade roller on my face with a face oil - it's a lovely cooling sensation which helps me de-stress. A facial massage in the evening is another great way to ease tension. My skin is really dry with all the extra hand washing and I've been using Real Luxury Intensive Skin Treatment Candle to nourish my body. I will always stretch out on my yoga mat too, it’s a nightly ritual for me.

Since being confined to home, I’ve had a chance to spend more time cooking from scratch, catching up with reading and watching some overdue series on Netflix. Next on the agenda is cracking open a jigsaw, reorganising my wardrobe and getting on with some home DIY!

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Tips on how to keep moving when stuck at home

  • When working from home or just sitting around the house, it’s amazing how quickly the time can go, and before you know it you've hardly moved all day. To avoid spending hours in front of a screen without moving, try setting regular reminders on your phone to get up and move about. Head upstairs and back down again, go grab a drink of water or cup of tea, and incorporate 10 minutes of simple stretching into your daily routine.
  • If you speak to people on the phone or zoom often, try moving around whilst doing so, rather than staying put at your desk. Or try creating yourself a stand up desk.
  • Give yourself a lunch break and use that time to do something active.
  • Set time aside each day to pop out for your daily walk or jog - this will help your mental wellbeing as well as being physically beneficial. Aim to spend at least 30 minutes per day outside the house if you can.
  • Join in a regular online workout - after all, exercising with others is the best motivator. There are so many online exercise videos out there that don't require any equipment at all, just a small bit of floor space and your commitment. Try out a few until you find one you enjoy and can revisit regularly.
  • If you don't have any equipment you can use alternatives to help creative extra resistance or support. Two water bottles in place of light weights, Hardback books in place of yoga blocks, cushions in place of balls or spacers, dishcloth in place of gliding discs or paper plates on carpeted floor and belts or bathrobe ties in place of yoga straps!
  • Clean the house or get out into your garden or allotment! This is a great way of getting some physical exercise and it's amazing how many calories you'll burn by pushing the hoover around or mowing the lawn. Plus you'll feel great for having done something productive.

For more workout inspo and to find out more about the Louisa Drake Method, check out Louisa's website and Insta page @louisadrakemethod 

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