Beautiful inside and out

Posted by Samantha Lawson, Nov 09, 2020

Beautiful inside and out

When it comes to creating Christmas - a long time (at least 10 months before) before we actually launch, we always start with ‘the feeling’. We never ever create anything (Christmas or otherwise) that doesn’t tick these three boxes... 1) Will it make you feel good? 2) It is the purest natural blend it can be and will it exceed expectations the moment you open it? And, 3) It is beautiful on the outside and does it look incredible on the store shelf and your bathroom shelf?

We always have one and two down first, and then we move onto the creative nearer to the time.

This year’s Christmas Collection is a celebration of the good stuff because 2020 has been so difficult for so many of us, on all different levels. That’s why, we’re making Christmas even more special, and sprinkling positivity around (in the small way we can) with purposeful gifts that say ‘I know how you’ve been feeling’, along with bright colours and a splattering GOOD VIBES, far and wide. A good night’s sleep, a little slice of calm, a happy mind, an energised feeling - may seem like small things, but right now, they really are the big things. We all need some of that, right?

I am thrilled how this positive feeling and those good vibes have come to life with bright pinks, yellows, blues, tubes of Neon tubes of light and shooting stars. “We always love to put our NEOM spin on a traditional festive wreath which synonymous with Christmas time and this year it’s in the form of a neon display with a sprinkling of stars and drops of rose gold paint.” Jodie, NEOM Lead Designer.

The store windows went in overnight and really do stand out, and whenever I walk by it lifts my mood.

To watch more on our creative installation have a look HERE.

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