Can you Create Happiness?

Posted by Adam Meads, Aug 11, 2017

Can you Create Happiness?

Happiness is a funny thing. Not least because it means different things to different to each person. Oh and of course it’s a journey not a destination, which is sometimes hard to get your head around.

For me happiness is as sunny afternoon off, Prosecco with friends, family holidays (when the kids are getting on), banana cake, long baths and a new book. I do recommend writing your own ‘happy list’ because just seeing it in black and white makes you feel better, and forces you to do more of those things, regularly.

This year we announced that Action for Happiness is our charity of choice and I cannot recommend enough that you take a look on their website (or buy the book by the brilliant Vanessa) because I certainly can’t do this complex subject justice enough. They have a brilliant acronym called GREAT DREAM [insert pic] , something I believe in so much it’s the screen saver on my phone.

I developed our Happiness fragrance because I believe that essential oils can also have a very positive effect on boosting your mood. The 9 specific oils in this scent have all been chosen for their amazing ability to really lift your mood, and the results we got back from our Happiness programme were fab - 9/10 people felt happier and in a better mood whilst on it. Wow. It’s one of those scents that just makes me smile the minute I walk through the door. I use the pulse point on drab mornings, I spritz the mist when I’m feeling a bit low, I keep a reed diffuser in my office, little moments of happiness that I can, and do create for myself daily. Because as the brilliant Leo Tolstoy said, “If you want to be happy, be.”