Finding Feel Good Moments

Posted by Adam Meads, Jun 09, 2020

Finding Feel Good Moments

Is your life now maths at the kitchen table, rather than the school run? Perhaps, you start the day with a stretch in the living room (as opposed to being crammed on the tube). Or, maybe you’re wfh and some days find yourself overthinking your overthinking. And then some days you don’t. One thing's for sure, we’re all feeling the ups and downs.

So here’s to finding new little moments of feel good in our day. Supercharge your 9am living room workout with feel good vibes (Joe Wicks & kids optional). Create a mood boosting zone and sit down with a warming tea at 3pm. Lift the tension, and create a calm space in the evening, or take extra time with your nightly 3-step skincare routine. Whoever you are and whatever you need help with, feel good with NEOM.

One for the crazy busy mum’s out there, who are trying to nail the workload whilst homeschooling.

“Trying to do-it-all, just isn’t possible. Not that it ever was, but us mums always tried! So, although my mindset is a bit argh most of the time (I find Mondays the trickiest), lately I have been looking forward to my nightly tub time. My time where I lock the bathroom door (no kids allowed) and create a sleepy zone and then spend that bit longer on my skincare routine”. Lucy Brand & Content Manager.

Lucy, Brand Manager wellbeing pod

Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend in the Pod to start the day to get EVERYONE on it. School work at the kitchen table and then in my home study.

My nighttime routine:

Double dip. Bath with Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Drops + Bath Foam.

Finish with Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter.

Perfect Night's Sleep Bath Drops  Bath Foam  Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter

One for those needing a shot of energy

“As a PT I am used to moving ALOT, so being at home has felt really strange for me. Every day, I am up and need a shot of energy to get me moving, just like before. So, before I do anything, it’s a cool power shower with energy boosting wash, then a morning coffee”. James, PT.

James, PT

My daily routine:

Wellbeing Pod and Feel Refreshed Essential Oil is ALWAYS going - I do a couple of Zoom PT sessions for friends and family throughout the day and it keeps me motivated and feeling good.

Great Day Body Oil is a daily hero for me as it helps maintain this bushy beard. I usually go to the barbour for a beard trim and so it’s been getting a bit unruly. I apply it in the morning, evening and whenever I need it.

Great Day Magnesium Body Butter - Always been a huge fan of the Magnesium Body Butter, it really helps reduce any inflammation and aches and pains from working out. I’m not the biggest lavender fan so the new fresh and fruity Bedtime Hero scent is right up my street.

Feel Refreshed Pod Starter Pack Great Day Body Oil Great Day Body Butter

For those still heading to work

“Every day I am up and out the door, just like every day before that. Working in the NHS has definitely thrown its ups and downs, especially needing some extra help to switch off after a long shift to fall asleep, and lovely products which keep my hands clean and hydrated”. Sally, NHS worker.

Sally NHS worker

My daily routine:

Real Luxury Body Scrub - every morning for a pre-work moment of calm.

Calming Hand Balm - I keep with me. And one in the car.

Real Luxury Candle and Real Luxury Bath Foam for an after work bath and de-stressing.

Calming Hand Balm Real Luxury 3 wick Bath Foam

The ones doing it all

“I am pretty busy making sure my family is ok, making scrubs for the local hospital, and baking for friends too, so don’t stop to think of me. NEOM makes it easy to look after myself, with a light of a candle, or simply using something that smells so good to wash my hands feels like a little self care”. Heather, Mother of 4 and a Grandmother 4.

Heather, Grandma

My daily routine:

I like to have the mood boosting fragrance of Happiness around my home. It feels so comforting.

I also use the Great Day Hand Wash regularly when I am at home. I love the uplifting fragrance of it.

I love the fact that when I use the Uplifting Hand Balm that it gently scents my skin. So I use that all day. And keep with me whenever I am helping out in the community.

Happiness 3 wick candle Great Day Hand Wash & Lotion Uplifting Hand Balm

Calling all students!

Student, Imogen

“I would usually be at uni, but instead I am doing all my work at home at my parents - I really need help with motivation and concentration. I am finding my usual day so different. Instead of being in the library with my friends, I am doing all my work in my bedroom at home. And I am really missing my friends too, so I am living life on zoom right now.” Imogen, student

My routine:

In the mornings I take a power shower post run with Energy Burst Hand & Body Wash.

I use the Wellbeing Pod with the Real Luxury Essential Oil Blend whilst I am writing my dissertation.

In the evening to relax (with that zoom fatigue) it’s the Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter.

real luxury wellbeing pod  Complete Bliss Magnesium Body Butter

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