Posted by Samantha Lawson, Oct 05, 2020


The skin on our hands takes a battering at the best of times, after all, it’s out in the sun, wind and rain all the time. And now we’re all using way more soap and sanitiser our hands need a little extra TLC. Firstly, making the switch to natural is a great way to elevate your care, and ensure your skin’s getting the antioxidant boost it needs.

We’ve been paying more attention than usual to our hand care routine, and making use of the GOOD GUYS like our Washes, Lotions, and Hand Balms that keep your skin nourished and moisturised. And not forgetting our NEW 100% Natural Soap Bar to keep our skin clean, happy, and protected from morning until night.



Our brand new, 100% Natural Soap is super-cleansing and is enriched with coconut oil and shea butter to nourish. The uplifting scent of wild mint and mandarin is just what you need in the morning, and antioxidant rapeseed oil helps combat the ageing effect of all that exposure to pollution and the elements. And take it from us, the scent of our GREAT DAY blend wafting up from your basin is the perfect, wake-me-up pick-me-up.

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At home

Hand care doesn’t have to stop just because you’re soaping away germs – we wanted to make sure this everyday activity was a little moment of calm, as well as an essential step in keeping your home clean and safe. Our Great Day scent is made with 8 fresh, zesty essential oils including wild mint and mandarin for that midday mood boost. And following a hand wash with one of our lotions is the perfect excuse to exhale for a moment and work a wellbeing boost into your day.

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Your hands have worked hard all day and so have you, so there’s no reason not to include them in your evening wind-down routine. After all, we spend so much time paying attention to the skin on our faces but our hands are just as susceptible to signs of ageing. And we’re not about just rolling over and accepting those!

First of all, making the switch to natural is a great step, and your post-bath lotion should be super nourishing. Ours contains shea butter, argan and sea buckthorn oils, and we use all our washes and lotions on both hand and body. Pay extra attention to your hands as you massage it in, and enjoy the extra boost of essential oils.

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Before bed

We can’t imagine not having a Hand Balm on our nightstands – there’s nothing like being able to reach for your favourite little tube at any moment. And these mini bottles of natural goodness are yet another way to actively create one last calm moment in your day – as you settle into your pillows, squeeze a small amount into your hands and massage it in, cupping them over your nose and mouth and breathing in deeply for 7 seconds and out for 11 seconds. On your long exhale, feel the last drops of tension leave your body and drift off, with a quiet mind and super soft hands. WIN.

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