Happy, Calm or something to enjoy the little things

Posted by Samantha Lawson, Nov 17, 2020

Happy, Calm or something to enjoy the little things

Whether the superpower of calm, a little sprinkling of happiness (for a happy mind and happy life) or, simply a reminder to enjoy the little things. This year, we have all had our ups and downs and, we all need something different in our wellbeing toolkit so, the team tell us which good vibe they are reaching for in their home, right now.

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calm is a superpower

Calm is a superpower is for me because, it’s hard to achieve in my household (with two children under five and a baby on the way) so, when I find the micro-moment to relax the mantra and warming Christmas Wish essential oils are so grounding. I find taking a few deep breaths, when I get caught up in family chaos, helps me to keep my cool and think more clearly.” Emma, Commercial Executive

“Happy mind, happy life resonates with me, as once you realise that everything starts with mindset - whether you want to run up that hill or, learn something new, you feel empowered and, you choose what’s good for you. It all starts with a positive mindset, and I am all about those positive vibes and beautiful Perfect Peace scent in life, right now.” Lucy, Brand Manager

“Enjoy the little things… how true is that right now? 2020 has been a ‘toughy’ but, what it has taught me is to take pleasure, be grateful and enjoy the little things in life. This Limited Edition Real Luxury Candle couldn’t be any more perfect for that! It gives me that daily reminder whilst I am at home.” Katie, Ecommerce Manager


happy mind happy life

“Not only does Perfect Peace smell divine and is my go-to Christmas scent… Happy mind, happy life feels very present right now and is super important to me. Radiating positives vibes during these tough times whilst finding happiness in the finer things.” Rose, Customer Care Executive

“It’s easy to get really annoyed, irritated or seriously stressed about everything that’s going on at the moment. I’ve chosen the Limited Edition Real Luxury Christmas candle. Both the fragrance and sentiment of ‘enjoy the little things’ written on the glass reminds me to take a moment, relax and breathe, then everything feels a little better.” Andrea, Product Developer

enjoy the little things

“This year more than ever, my Perfect Peace candle means so much more. The familiar fragrance not only brings warmth and comforting feeling to me, but the beautiful sentiment is so apt and resonates so clearly - happy mind, happy life. This year has all been about the small things and having this in my home reminds me every day.” Charlotte, Customer Care Manager

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