In Need Of Vitamin D? Magnesium Could Be The Key

Posted by Adam Meads, Jun 29, 2020

In Need Of Vitamin D? Magnesium Could Be The Key

We’re all staying in more these days, and without a holiday to sunny climes on the horizon, suddenly that little vitamin D supplement seems all the more important. Anyone else upping their intake right now? But all that diligence with your daily dose could be falling at the first hurdle if your magnesium levels aren’t up to par. According to a 2018 study*, just the presence of our new favourite mineral, magnesium, can optimise and level out the vitamin D in your system. Yes, that means those with a vitamin D excess need it too!

Where magnesium is concerned, we now know that up to 80% of us aren’t getting enough of it. And when it’s something of a wonder-mineral, this puts it firmly in our red flag category. It might not be top of your list just yet but we think it should be; magnesium supports hundreds (in fact, almost all) of our bodily functions, helps reduces stress, helps reduce insomnia* and can even help improve your performance in the gym.

magnesium supports performance in the gym

Meanwhile, we also know that UK dwellers miss out on vitamin D, especially between the months of October and March. It’s incredibly important for your immune system, blood pressure, bones and teeth, while also helping to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety*. On the flip-side, if you have too much of it, you can end up with excess calcium, so getting it right is key.

What happens when you put two and two together? The magic (okay, science*), is that when you get your vitamin D (either through sun exposure, diet or supplement), a chain reaction takes place. Your enzymes need to synthesise the vitamin, and your body needs magnesium for these enzymes to work. Vitamins and minerals generally work together this way, relying on each other to keep you in harmony. But magnesium and vitamin D are a particularly important pairing right now, given it’s so common to have deficiencies in both.

You can help ensure magnesium and vitamin D are working together in your body first and foremost by making sure you’re not taking one without the other. Magnesium ensures the vitamin in your system can do its job and work hard for you, so increasing your magnesium levels could actually mean you can lower the dose of your vitamin D supplement. You’ll naturally be processing more of your vitamin, rather than taking a high dose and having it go mostly to waste.

Magnesium Body Butter

Luckily, increasing your magnesium intake shouldn’t be too hard, and there are some quick fixes you can implement at any time, whether leading an indoor or outdoor lifestyle. These include diet (see: avocados, nuts, oily fish, dark leafy greens) or by transdermal application. In fact, we’re so taken by the efficiency of taking in magnesium through your skin, we made a collection of four wonderfully whippy body butters with natural magnesium, scented to suit your mood.


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