Making your own WFH Haven

Posted by Adam Meads, Apr 27, 2020

Making your own WFH Haven

WFH is now the new norm. Over the past week, we’ve heard people saying they are working from their kitchen tables, the sofa and even their beds. But, as we are in another week (and will be, quite rightly, for the foreseeable), it may be that you’re finding the balance to stay motivated, focused and productive during the day a little tricky.

So, how can you create a WFH sanctuary, whether in a flat, nook of your living room, or hidden away from the kids in your bedroom? We asked Interiors Blogger Lauren Lewis her tips on how you can create the perfect home-office set-up.

It’s the modern day dream isn’t it? To work from home. For the daily commute, it takes all of 2 minutes from your bed to the sofa. Working from home definitely has its perks, the morning lay-in, the endless cups of coffee, the long lunch breaks; but sooner or later the novelty wears off and you realise it’s hard to keep motivated and stay focused with all the distractions of the home around you.

After much of my career in the fast paced fashion industry, I have spent a lot of time dividing myself between the office and working remotely, so here are my top tips to help you create the perfect home office set-up with an extra dose of calm.

1. Designate a work space area

First thing’s first, choose a quiet, practical space in the home to work from, whether that be a corner of the living room or the spare bedroom. By designating a work area you’ll find it a lot easier to separate work and home and create a healthy work/life balance that will do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

2. Natural light

Move your desk closer to a window for that much needed vitamin D to pour in. Natural light can help to reduce stress levels and increase your productivity. Open the window for a nice oxygen boost of fresh air.

3. Storage

There’s nothing worse than an untidy work space, but that doesn’t mean we all have to head online to Ikea and spend a small fortune on furniture, make use of things you already have around the home, try using a storage basket or stacking books to make a shelf.


4. Plant life

Add a plant or 2 to your home office set up. Plants in the workspace really help to create a feeling of well-being. A rubber plant or mother-in-law's tongue ‘snake plant’ are great ones to filter out any toxins and clean the air in your home.

5. Scentscaping

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all senses, filling your work space with a mood boosting scent to help you create a moment of calm. I like to use NEOM’s Wellbeing Pod Oil Diffuser with the Moment Of Calm Essential Oil Blend If you don’t have a diffuser you can always use an oil burner and tea lights to burn your favourite NEOM Essential Oil Blends to create that much needed calming environment.

 Wellbeing Pod  Essential Oil Blends

6. Wall inspiration

Get creative and make your own working moodboard. Take cuttings from your fave magazines, collate old photographs etc anything you love that inspires you, pin it up. Use a metal grid/cork board or if you don’t have either of those do what I’ve done here and pin onto the wall. Moodboarding in the office is a great way to surround yourself with inspiration and a spritz of ‘happiness home mist’ will help you to keep motivated and be happy whilst working at home.

7. Comfort is key

There's not a bulky office chair in sight, save a few pennies and try using a dining chair in your work space, just invest in a comfy cushion seat pad and you’re all set.

Comfort is key


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