Me and sleep? ...It's Complicated

Posted by Adam Meads, Aug 11, 2017

Me and sleep? ...It's Complicated

My relationship status with sleep is complicated. I know what makes for great zzz’s...but sometimes I fall off the wagon so to speak.

A bit like, I know what exercise it takes to feel great and look my best, but sometimes the cheese toasties on the sofa wins. Point is, once I stick to a routine I feel a million percent better the next day. I’m actually on a roll right now, so let me tell you how I’m doing it...

It starts during the day, because I always sleep better when I’ve taken some exercise. It might just be a walk with the dog, or a quick 20 min jog, anything other than a day in front of the computer with zero movement. I rate magnesium as a supplement to help with so many things including sleep, so I take 2 capsules every day. It’s key for me that I turn the phone off a good couple of hours before bed. The blue light suppresses melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/ wake cycle or circadian rhythm so it really is a sleep sin to be watching YouTube in bed! Plus, late night working clearly keeps me on ‘high alert mode’. Not good at 9.30pm.

I go up to my room at 9.30 and light a Tranquillity candle, packed with 19 of the most sleep inducing oils, it takes about 20 mins to fill my bedroom with scent by which time I’ve taken a bath with Tranquillity Bath Oil (and foam) - I often mix them both, but you don’t have to. Mindfulness totally works for me, but I have a hectic life so I do it in the bath. I do a 7/11 breathing technique (in for 7 out for 11) to calm me and lower my blood pressure and sometimes I listen to my headspace app in the bath for a mini meditation. Then I then slather myself with Tranquillity Face, Body & Hair Oil and slip into my best PJs.

Reading is my greatest passion and just half an hour in bed transports my brain from daytime busy zone to bedzone. Finally I never ever go without our Perfect Night’s sleep pillow mist. The kids too, we all have one beside our bed! A couple of spirtz’s and I’m away. And forget everything else, a good night’s sleep is the single best way for me to look and feel my best the next morning. So that’s my routine, and it’s different for all of us, play around to create yours and you’ll be shunning night’s out in no time in place of lovely PJs and an early night I promise!