Mid Summer Wellbeing Fest Squad

Posted by Adam Meads, Aug 03, 2017

Mid Summer Wellbeing Fest Squad

Yes, we’re festival chic here in NEOM HQ (ok the mums are taking lead from the more hip and healthy ones!) BUT, we’ve got our heads together and whipped up our fav go-to summer festivals, classes, and wellbeing hang out’s. PLUS WHY we love them….

Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire 4th - 7th August

This week we’re heading to Wilderness. Wild swimming (ey?), learn to paint, write a poem, lounge about under rafters, take a mindfulness workshop AND here comes the balance…. drink champs , go wild at sunset, dine fine and then sleep in an award-winning luxe yurt (thank goodness). Why we heart: because of all the reasons above - the 80/20 rule wrapped up in 1 festival (plus you can take the kids. If you want to!)

Sunset Sweats Ballet Blast with Detox Kitchen & Naturally Sassy London 6th September

From Naturally Sassy (a Ballerina & cookery writer). Try this Ballet Blast - a fast paced workout that fuses high intensity training with classical dance principles. Put in 100% of your energy into short, intense exercises which will get your heart rate up and lengthen and strengthen muscles. Why we heart: Undiscovered. Off the radar. Something new and fun to give a go! Learning something new makes us happier says Action for Happiness. And you get a free salad box from the Detox Kitchen!

Soul Circus Yoga & Wellness Festival, Gloucester 18th - 20th August

You’ll find over 30 Yogis (20 classes a day & 75 of hours to be exact), wellbeing workshops, meditation classes, local food, juices (AND cocktails) - you won’t be disappointed at this intimate weekend of yoga. Take a fitness or dance class, or hit the spa and you will leave feeling more energised and motivated for the last days of summer - plus you’ll get some new yoga moves under your belt. We can’t wait for this!

Why we heart: The Yoga DJ raves….we’ll save that treat for when you google the link below.


Frame Rave, London August/Sept

Dancing, fitness, pilates, meditation, yoga. All rolled into one place. But we’ve got our eye on the rave. Like dancing around in your favourite club - they say “you’ll still be in bed by 10pm and waking up sans hangover.” Release endorphins, get your heart racing, have some laughs and feel good moving your body, this summer Moveyourframe.com

Sweaty Betty Live London 16th September

The fantastic workout wear brand Sweaty Betty (who offer free fitness classes in stores - WOW!) is bringing us the best of London’s wellness community - all under one roof, for one day only. You can move and sweat with classes from Psycle and Frame, get pampered, eat and refuel and have a sit down at some of the wellbeing talks. Sweatybetty.com

Psst! Sweaty Betty Live tickets are now on sale! We're so excited to be joining the wellness event of the year with the best of fashion, fitness and food all under one roof. Buy Tickets here