My Wellbeing Toolkit: Arianna Elizabeth

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Mar 02, 2021

My Wellbeing Toolkit: Arianna Elizabeth

Anyone side-hustling, side home-schooling, side-anything can relate - you’re sometimes pulled in so many different directions you forget direction YOU. That’s why building a toolkit of wellbeing tips, tools and products that seamlessly fit into your life is so super important, to make sure you get your self care in when it counts. If it doesn’t fit you it won’t stick, so try swapping things in and out of your routine till you find the things that really work for you. Here’s Arianna’s Elizabeth’s ( go-tos for inspiration on days when you feel far from namasté.

For the yogi/photographer/content creator, a day of self care is a good day, “A complete refresh. Hair deep conditioning and style, face mask, body waxing and a solid hour of practicing my Spanish.” But what about days when you just don’t have the time? “If all fails, I always make sure I do one thing that’s good for my body and one thing that’s good for my mind each day. Personally, I stretch or run a mile and then read my bible or practice my Spanish.”


Having a goal like learning a language WITHOUT PRESSURE can be super rewarding. Our brains are curious, creative things, and by making sure you’re remoulding and learning, you’re tapping into the science of neuroplasticity. HELLO new word - if you haven’t come across it before, neuroplasticity is the science that says not only CAN you teach an old dog new tricks, but that you SHOULD. You’re rewiring your brain to be a happier one and that means happier you. Picking up that course or hobby could have a bigger effect on your wellbeing that you think. Realistic, achievable goals (hint: NOT ‘I am going to be a Spanish speaker by next Wednesday’ rather ‘I am going to speak Spanish twice a week’) is also SO GOOD for our sense of purpose and happiness.

Reframing our thinking around learning and hobbies so they’re for wellbeing rather than work is a powerful change, and can feel like you’re taking back something that was lost to you. But escapism is important too, “I personally love to escape everyday life when I read”, says Arianna, “fiction books are my favourite. I especially like the Crazy Rich Asians series because not only is it entertaining but the author uses so many unique and descriptive words that I can add to my vocabulary!”


So that’s mind, what about body? Aside from practicing yoga, Arianna’s a fan of a skin care moment, “I’m huge on moisture, so I love any products that add moisture back into my skin, but don’t clog it up by being too heavy… NEOM Face Oil smells amazing and has such a luxurious, silky feel to it! I absolutely LOVE applying it right after a hot shower on top of a light moisturizer. It's not too shiny either!” Nope face oils don’t have to make you shiny… if you’re thinking of taking the plunge go for a natural blend with ingredients like jojoba and sunflower that pack in moisture while balancing sebum, helping you towards a clear, hydrated complexion rather than an overloaded one. A natural blend will give you a wellbeing boost at the same time too, helping you towards your goals of a happier mood or even better sleep.

Speaking of sleep, if this is one of your wellbeing goals you might want to think about ditching some of that tech, “I have a love/hate relationship with technology”, Arianna says, “I know that my business requires that I get comfortable with it so I’m constantly pushing myself to learn more, however it does wreck my nerves at times so I have been limiting my use of it substantially and focusing on using it primarily for work purposes.”


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