My Wellbeing Toolkit: Kayla Barnes

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Mar 08, 2021

My Wellbeing Toolkit: Kayla Barnes

“Unfollow every account on social media that makes you feel like you need to be someone else”. Just one of the no B.S. tips that Brain Health Coach Kayla Barnes (@kaylabarnes) posts on the regular. “As a business owner,” she says, “I am on my phone more than I would like...Every account you follow should provide value in some way.” Kayla is all-too aware of the delicate balance between brain, body and wellness, so from food to social media to journaling she’s all about a 360° approach to wellbeing. But how does she do it for herself?

The holistic approach is reflected in her gold standard, “A day of wellbeing for me is morning meditation, lemon water, gratitude journaling, exercise and off to bed for a proper night’s sleep,” she says. A routine we can all aspire to for sure, and the basis for a wellbeing toolkit that fits in with what YOU like. Loving that morning meditation? Try burning a natural candle or diffusing some essential oils that will help you towards your goal for the day while you do it, whether that be laser-sharp focus, or just staying calm while you boss those tasks. That’s what a wellbeing toolkit is all about, a boost that fits in with your daily life and routine.

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“As an entrepreneur,” says Kayla, “stress management is always the most difficult for me.” She recommends ‘focusing on your breath, “Through deep breaths, you can improve your mood, lower stress levels, and put your body into a parasympathetic state.” What’s a parasympathetic state we hear you ask? Don’t worry we’ve got you, it’s basically the opposite of your rapid-response, sympathetic state. By taking long, slow breaths, you’re putting your body into a mode of natural calmness. If less stress is one of your wellbeing goals (isn’t it everyone’s?) try turning your slow breathing into a moment for you; squeeze a pea-sized amount of your favourite hand balm on to your palms, cup your hands over nose and mouth and breathe in for 7, out for 11. 

Magnesium Body Butter

Speaking of moments for you, if you love an indulgent and nourishing moment for your skin, try swapping to a product that has an extra benefit for you too. Kayla is a fan of our Magnesium Body Butters (they are pretty great after all), “Nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium, and I love the direct application to the skin. It also smells amazing and feels luxurious.” Absorbing magnesium through your skin is a super effective way to get a boost of this wonder mineral, that supports almost ALL our bodies’ processes, and helps with sleep, stress and anxiety.

This link between physical and mental health (and you feeling good!) is something Kala takes very seriously, “I believe food is a wellbeing product,” she says, “I think adaptogens (stress reducing herbs) are incredibly helpful for stress management, personalized supplementation in general. I always eat organic and low-glycemic.” If this is something you want to try, Kayla recommends reading Intuitive Fasting by Dr Will Cole, or the books of Dr Mark Hyman to kick you off. 

And if you’re stressed about being stressed… she recommends trying WaveBlock EMF blockers for Airpods, a little tip that might just be worth taking, coming from a Brain Health Coach..

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