My Wellbeing Toolkit: Lisa Hayim

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Mar 05, 2021

My Wellbeing Toolkit: Lisa Hayim

We’re all about a 360° approach to wellbeing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What makes you feel GOOD might be a disaster for the next person, and what works for you one day might be totally not needed the next. That’s why we champion the wellbeing toolkit, your personal collection of mantras, gadgets, products and tips that keep you at your best. Lisa Hayim is a Registered Dietician and founder of The Well Necessities, and she’s feeling the benefits of checking in with yourself.

“I don’t think wellbeing is about getting rid of things like anxiety or stress. I think it’s about being able to learn, check your ego, and identify areas of weakness so you can best support yourself in making strides to support your needs...If you could take five seconds to place one hand on your heart, and one on your belly and truly ASK without guiding the answer, ‘what do I need today?’ I think we’d all have a lot more clarity and insight as to what to actually do with our bodies and minds.”

Body-wise, “I’m currently LOVING my Hurom citrus juicer (easy to clean, makes orange juice fast!)”, says Lisa, “my Smeg milk frother for hot/cold foamy milk in coffee, and the nontoxic clarifying face mask from Tata Harper (it’s helping to clear up the congestion I’m dealing with from wearing a mask).

And for the mind? “ I love self-help and spiritual books - anything by the late Richard Carlson and his wife Kristine Carlson are SUPER digestible and easy to implement, but I also LOVE getting lost in a fiction novel that swallows me whole. Harlan Coban is my favorite author in that department.”

Reading is not only a form of escapism but a way to take a break from the daily tech grind, a subject which Lisa is passionate about, “I go on phone free breaks, and social media breaks. A lot of people don’t get how I ditch my phone for seven days at a time, but it’s an incredible practice in evaluating where you fill time/how you avoid feelings etc. I’m currently on a social media break from Instagram - this is my longest one yet and I don’t have a definitive answer when I’ll be back! I truly believe that burnout can happen to creators and the best way to stay in the game is to TAKE OFF for an extended time. I’m currently working with changing my relationship to email. I took it off my phone, which limits it to daytime hours at my desk. I also have an auto-reply letting people know I check it three times a week, and how to get answers if they need them in the meantime.”

Cutting off from tech might not be practical in that way for everyone, but when was the last time you evaluated your work/life balance, and set some boundaries? With working from home or changes in circumstance it can be all too easy to blur the line between ON and OFF - if you are working from home at the moment try switching from an energising essential oil blend to a calming one at your clocking-off time, to flip that mental switch from work to relax. Set time limits on certain apps if you need to, and have a think about tech and your bedtime routine, “I do not like technology in bed”, says Lisa, “I find it stimulating and disconnecting -  but in all honesty I'm guilty of telling my husband to put his phone down when in fact I do it too! As for the mornings, I love the idea of tech-free mornings, but I also love guided meditations found easily on my phone.  I think finding a balance that works for YOU is key.”

That balance is what we’re all about - and making the tools at your disposal (phones included) work FOR you not against. “Be selective, and invest in pieces that will elevate your life” says Lisa, “It’s easy…[to] buy all the things you think will make you feel good only to end up with a bunch of crap.”

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