Podcast: How to find your own natural energy

Posted by Adam Meads, Jul 29, 2019

Podcast: How to find your own natural energy

With the ball of energy that is Carly Rowena.

In my third episode I chat to ball of energy Carly Rowena (Fitness Coach and Wellbeing Blogger) about all things energy. Feeling energised and your personal best with small steps that can be make a big difference. And how we can ALL easily move a little more each day, to really boost our energy and feel good.

Carly and I arrive in the studio - after both having little sleep (ME again!), Carly because her little baby girl has kept her up during the night. Me, well, all I can say is I had a glass too many whilst having a good old giggle and catch up with an old friend, which obviously then gave me disruptive sleep. So all a little apt to be talking about energy on the podcast - when sleep has caused us both to feel a little less than energised.

It's a great chat. Carly tells me about how we can make our movement each day that bit more productive to boost our energy...like if you already walk the dog, why not put a few tins of beans in your backpack and make it work that bit harder for you? Carly also tells me about things that make her more positive such as the power of throwing in some music (if you're having a crap day) and how that can pep you up. How much Jax (her baby girl) loves Scent to Sleep and her love for Magnesium (and how iron supplements changes her life!).

Carly was super-inspiring, REAL and a refreshing joy to chat to, and has some brilliant, easy, down to earth tips for us all, from movement to food, to how to look after your mind too.

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Here's Carly's NO B.S. Wellbeing Toolkit.

Carly's NO B.S. Wellbeing Toolkit

1. Morning meditation using Headspace app

2. Outdoor walk with the dog for at least 40 minutes

3. Regular sleep routine including a bath with NEOM Bath & Shower Oil 

4. Exercise regularly but mindfully, choose movements that go with your energy that day. eg: boxing, yoga depending on mood

5. NEOM Scent To De-Stress for easing anxiety via the Wellbeing Pod

6. Balanced diet of plant, fish and whole foods

7. Listening to Podcasts such as 'Beautiful Anonymous' that inspire positivity and mindset

8. Adding in supplements such as Magnesium and Iron to boost deficiencies

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