Reset The Notion of Resolutions

Posted by Adam Meads, Dec 31, 2017

Reset The Notion of Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve! The pine scent from the tree still lingers (just) and the front door wreath is still going strong. Excited? Perhaps. Tired? If you’re like me, then most likely YES.

It’s been a busy one, right? Gift wrap discarded and turkey all gone, it’s a time when I need to refocus on my wellbeing. I subscribe to a kind of resolution. Come new year, I think about things that will seriously enhance my life, with minimum effort and maximum pleasure. It’s harder than you think! Losing 2 stone doesn't count. Have a little brainstorm, champagne in hand, tonight.

In Suzy Reading’s amazing new handbook (more on this later in the year) she defines the key pillars for living your best life: Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Breathing Movement and Nutrition Coping Skills Physical Environment Social Connection Mood Boosters Goal Setting and Accomplishment Values and Purpose Where do you reckon you need a little extra nourishing?

For me, it’s social connection. I love my job so much, but it means I see less of my friends then I’d like to. So I’m diarising coffee with a friend once a week. Obviously, being Xmas, I’ve moved less than I wanted to, but that’s easy to fix, and I’m all over ‘incidental movement’ - walking to the sandwich shop in the fresh air!

So let’s reset the notion of resolutions - first we were all over them, then we hated them, now hopefully you can use the concept to your advantage, to just have a little look at your life and the small steps you can take to making 2018 that bit better for yourself in the nicest way possible.

As for tonight, I’ll try to go easy(ish) on the bubbles and get out for a walk with the kids tomorrow and then settle down on the sofa by 4pm surrounded by candles and a feel good film.

Happy New Year!

Love, Nicola xxx