Should You be Getting Your Magnesium Through Your Skin?

Posted by Adam Meads, May 29, 2020

Should You be Getting Your Magnesium Through Your Skin?

Caffeine, alcohol and stress. Hands up if you’re familiar! If you’re anything like us, you probably spend a decent amount of time combating these facts of life with trying to drink enough water, eat healthy foods, move your body, take moments to relax and get your vitamins when you can too. But, what about the effect on your levels of the essential mineral, magnesium (more on WHY it’s essential below), which is less and less present in our food? On top of getting it from green leafy veggies, avocado and nuts and seeds, another way you can get a boost is absorbing it through your skin.

Here’s our run-down of what happens when you massage it over your skin (and it’s benefits to your muscles).

Why do you need magnesium?

Oh, to have an instant cure for sore muscles! Okay we’re not quite there yet, but magnesium is an essential part of overall wellbeing (as described when we interviewed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Barb Woegerer HERE).

Magnesium is present in every one of our cells and contributes to hundreds of our bodily processes, making the way you function just more efficient in general. Is there an equivalent for our diaries…? A study* outlined where regular use of magnesium (taken trans dermally) could help in muscle stiffness too. Plus, the myriad benefits of magnesium can bring, like helping to improve mood, breaking down glucose into energy, helping you feel calm, relax and encourage better sleep by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Helping with improvements to the immune system, better processing of vitamins (like vitamin D).

Well, we are pretty sold on the better sleep and mood alone, but what about the boost to muscle and bone health? Well you might just notice that in the gym…

A treat for your muscles

Things like muscle cramps can be affected by magnesium deficiency*, and dehydration from a workout doesn’t help either. Of course, minerals are lost through sweat too, so replenishing them is as essential to efficient recovery as your post-workout water cooler moment. Magnesium helps tense muscles to relax, and it also helps to facilitate the processes of getting glucose to your muscles and metabolizing the protein in your diet, which sounds like a recipe for reduced soreness and even better performance, to us.

Great Day Magnesium Body Butter

What happens when you put magnesium on your skin?

Magnesium is known for being well absorbed when applied to your skin so this is a great way to get extra magnesium as part of your skincare routine. Win Win! Yet, the magnesium magic happens once it’s in your bloodstream, making direct contact with your muscles. It goes without saying that applying something externally allows you to bypass the digestive system (where some of the supplement could be be lost); so as we’re targeting muscle and bone health here, a quick smother of magnesium infused body creams and a massage is a speedy to get the magnesium straight to where it needs to go.

How do you use a Magnesium Body Butter?

As we know, putting magnesium on your skin works well for absorption and helps with so many things, but what about the skin benefits too?

“When we are magnesium deficient, the levels of fatty acids on the surface of the skin as well as collagen (this keeps things bouncy and moisturized) will be greatly decreased. ⁠Magnesium can help regulate cellular regeneration and repair, and without magnesium, GLUTHATIONE, a very important antioxidant cannot be made! One of the best anti-aging antioxidants.” Says Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Barb Woegerer.

And let’s not forget the added benefit of the natural blend of our Magnesium Body Butters ingredients of coconut oil, shea butter, murumuru seed butter, mango seed butter which seriously nourish skin, and the 100% natural essential oils which work on your wellbeing too.

All in all, a real smarty-pant tube of wonder making it the seriously-smart way to nourish your skin, whilst upping your magnesium game to feel good.

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