Small Steps To Wellbeing

Posted by Adam Meads, Apr 27, 2020

Small Steps To Wellbeing

I wanted to send a little note, as this week has been a pretty strange one to say the least, hasn’t it? But, I do hope you are staying safe and well.

As we founded NEOM to boost the nation's wellbeing, nothing rings more true than right now, during these uncertain times. In this digital age, we’re lucky enough that the majority of what we do, we can do from our homes. So, we are still working on new products, we’ve been dropping hand balms to the NHS at our local hospital to nourish hands, and have been continuing to serve you up those little moments of wellbeing each day, to help you feel good.

We’re so thankful for the NEOM Wellbeing Community we have, and it’s been a joy  receiving messages from you all lately saying how much your NEOM has been helping you keep a routine, and seeing how you have been making your home a sanctuary with your favourite fragrances. And, it’s been so lovely to see how everyone has been helping each other in our community too.

Nothing feels more right now, than community. Albeit virtual. So, as always we want to do more. Each week, look out for our tips for making your home your sanctuary - whether that’s helping getting your wellbeing WFH groove on, OR tips for making it a calm zone for you and your family. They’ll be a gang of experts helping out too, with virtual meditation classes, and time slots when you can log on live to get advice, support and tips that will help you. Whether that’s for any skyrocketing stress, or the anxiety of juggling it all (working parents we’re looking at YOU Zooming one moment, homeschooling the next).

And move over Joe Wicks, there’s going to be Workout Wednesdays on our Instagram with some amazing experts to help us all move our bodies in the best possible way, at home. And on Fridays? Well, although every night is a night in… it just feels right to make Fridays all about CONNECTION. Whether a virtual spa night in with your besties, a dinner with your parents (online), or a 5pm vino o’clock with your work mates.

Please do tune in, ask your questions and get involved. Share your tips, tell us how you are keeping busy, staying sane, helping others or simply spending your night in. Our NEOM tribe wants to hear from you - because, we’re in this together.

Nicola Elliott,

NEOM Founder 

@neomorganics    @nicolaelliottmoss

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