That's A Wrap! The NEOM Feel Good Live

Posted by Adam Meads, Aug 06, 2020

That's A Wrap! The NEOM Feel Good Live

We’re SO happy to have had so many of you there during our action packed festival (9 hours of live streaming!), joining in, smashing the “Reps and Rave” and sharing a virtual tipple of gin with us!

It means so much to us, and we are thrilled to have raised over £2,000 for The Mental Health Foundation.

If you missed this one, don’t worry, we’re sharing some highlights and tips and tricks from the day – we don’t want you to feel left out!

Keep an eye out for what’s coming next - we’re not stopping there!

We Received All The Love...

Our fellow festival-goers sent so many amazing messages on the day which made us smile, laugh and feel good! We just had to share...

festival feedback

If you are desperate to recreate Kimberley's Wilson's power smoothie, swot up on our Positive Panel's must-have books, perfect Harrogate Tipple's flavoursome G&T or beauty-queen Lisa Potter-Dixon's smokey eye, then we've got you!

Kimberley Wilson's Post-Workout Black & Blue Smoothie Bowl

A deeply coloured polyphenol-rich berry smoothie.

What you will need:

  • A blender required
  • 150 ml Plain or coconut kefir
  • Handful of blackberries and blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 Banana
  • 1-2tbsp Muesli base (e.g. H&B or Waitrose)
  • 1-2 tsp Mixed seeds

How to:

Simply blend all of the below together (super easy)!

For more content from the super-smart chartered psychologist and nutrition expert Kimberley Wilson, make sure to follow her on Instagram @foodandpsych and check out her website.

 Kimberley Wilson's Smoothie

Our Positivity Panel's Must-Reads

We think you'll agree that our Positivity Panel including Melissa Hemsley, Chessie King, Dr Zoe Williams and our very own Founder Nicola, shared a whole host of tips we all want to implement in our day-to-day lives. Starting with those feel good book recommendations!

Top Feel Good Books

Feel Good Books

Harrogate Tipple's Perfect G&T

We're so lucky that botanical small batch distillery, Harrogate Tipple, showed us the secrets to fine flavours, to make the perfect G&T. They've even shared their recipe with us here, so you can get practicing for those warm summer evening garden parties!

What you will need:

  • Ideally a copa glass (gin bowl glass), 1 potato peeler, stirring implement (long spoon)
  • 1 x Bottle (or half!) of Classic Gin. Anything classic and premium, or even London dry.
  • A couple of limes, cucumber, lemon juice.
  • Sugar syrup/honey.
  • Ice and sparkling water/club soda. 
  • Tonic: Something Citrusy (mediterranean Fever Tree) Any light tonic or lemonade for those that don't like tonic.
  • Sparkling wine which can be Prosecco, Cava, Champagne or any wine that sparkles!

How to: 

  • With your potato peeler, shave long strands of the cucumber off and put them aside. (keep the juice of the cucumber to add if required after).
  • Add ice to your glass and pour a little sugar syrup into the glass also. Around a teaspoon full or sweeten how you like! Follow with the strands of cucumber - no more than three evenly spread.
  • Add your gin, a large amount of course! We recommend a plentiful double shot. Stir through the gin and syrup together with the cucumber strands.
  • Now open your bottle of fizz (Prosecco, Champagne or Cava etc..) so it’s fresh with bubbles and top up the glass. Gently stir together making sure your stirrer hits the bottom of the glass.
  • Add a splash of soda water (with a dash of lemon or lime juice or) or lemonade. Stir again then and enjoy!

You can learn more about the AMAZING Harrogate Tipple's distillery on their website or follow them on Instagram @harrogatetipple.

Gin & Tonic

“Get ready with me” with Lisa Potter-Dixon

The amazing make-up artist, author, blogger and all round beauty-queen Lisa took us from day to night with her smokey eye make up routine. Here are her picks to keep in your make up bag to perfect the look.

What you will need:

  • NEOM Great Day Glow Face Oil
  • Givenchy City Balm
  • Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzer
  • Dior Forever Skin Correct
  • Marc Jacobs Extravagance Pallet
  • Danessa Myricks Colour Fix in Alien
  • Nars Climax Mascara
  • Fenty Petal Poppin Blush
  • Patrick Ta 'Is She Older Than Me Gloss'

Lisa's Top Tip:

Mix the NEOM Great Day Glow Face Oil into your foundation, and then pat along your cheekbones when you've finished doing your face for the ultimate glow!

For all the sparkle and glitz and make up tricks follow Lisa on Instagram @lisapotterdixon and check out her beauty & lifestyle blog too!Lisa Potter Dixon

If you haven't already, we'd love you to join our wellbeing gang on Instagram, where the you'll find an abundance of wellbeing tips daily! Follow us @neomorganics

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