Want to beat travel stress?

Posted by Adam Meads, Jun 11, 2017

Want to beat travel stress?

Yogi’s are renowned for being calm - we need some of that! We had a (very laid back) chatter with these super-chilled Yogi's, on how to beat travel stress, and how us civilians can take a small step from their book… On the go, travel, to work and back. Train, bus, plane. Flying off to meetings or far flung locations (Maldives anyone?).

Whether for work or play, or perhaps it’s the first holiday you’ve had in months, on your way to a retreat, strapped in the car with the kids to Cornwall (eek), or simply got the plane ride jitters - how can we stay calm, composed and well, en route to our destination? How can we simply turn our journey into a little haven of calm?

Kat Farrants, Founder of Movement for Modern Life, Alicia Roscoe, yoga teacher and founder of &Sister Yoga Retreats and Charlie Morgan, Yoga Expert and founder of Shanti Living, give us their top 5 travel tips...

  1. Hydrate & Nourish

There’s nothing worse than being hungry on a long haul flight or stuck on a train or in a car with no rations. Keep it in check - (it's so easy to reach for the naughty stuff, which will only leave you feeling sluggish and in a grumpy sugar low), I try and have a good juice, a bag of nuts and maybe some dried fruit just in case. I have a massive weak spot for dark chocolate covered rice crackers!! Says Charlie Morgan.
  1. Stretch it out

I now look back on past long hauls with utter disbelief that I didn't get up every hour to do some stretching. If you can while waiting in departures, find a quiet corner and do some yoga. No mat needed. Several slow sun salutations are brilliant for re-setting the whole body. What’s a sun salutation? Basically a series of backbends and forward-folds (you know when you’re standing and stretch as close to your legs as you can?). Also try rotating the arms forwards and backwards, rolling the shoulders and easy forward fold, add in some nice deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Says Alicia.
  1. Notice the Journey!

When we’re travelling we can seem to move just focusing on catching that flight, making that connection, the logistics of the hotel room. And we do need that if we’re going to make our flights and get the right room, but sometimes when we travel we can be so focused on the ‘next step’, on making the right connection, that we forget to focus on the here and now. One beautiful reminder from travel is that there’s something in the cliché that life is a journey. Every step you take to the baggage carousel, every interaction with the taxi driver, every person you come across – every moment of the journey – is a moment with potential to bring you immense joy. And every time you get wrapped up in your frustration because the train is running late, the taxi didn’t arrive – is a moment of your life that you have lost, and that that moment had the potential to bring you as much joy as the arrival at the destination. If we can learn to re-wire our mindset and change our thinking patterns, with our mindfulness and yoga practice, to revel in the small things, the details, the moments of life – that is what has potential to bring you the greatest of joy. It really is the journey and not the destination that counts! Says Kat.
  1. Personalised Snooze Kit

Create your go-to safety net of a snooze inducing travel kit. Mine includes ear-plugs, soft eye mask, Neom de-stress kit and my Shanti Living lavender heart pillow made by Charlie (Morgan) all safely zipped into my &Sister washbag. When I’m sleep deprived from getting up early for a flight, in go the ear plugs, on goes the eye mask, Neom Tranquillity Deep Sleep Treatment pulse point is applied liberally, I cuddle up to my Shanti Living lavender pillow and next thing I'm MILES away – literally and metaphorically. Says Alicia.
  1. Playlist

A good book and a great playlist is also so vital for me. Music is complete therapy for me. It enhances my mood or can change my mood completely. If I want to calm myself down, I put on a beautiful reiki healing playlist I have and I instantly feel so relaxed. I get the same effect from a riveting read! Says Charlie. www.movementformodernlife.com / www.poundonhouse.com / www.andsister.co.uk / www.charliemorganyoga.com