When Nicola Met Lily

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Aug 07, 2019

When Nicola Met Lily

And there was a meeting of WELLBEING minds...

9am and again I am at the Podcast studio. And I meet Lily, Founder of The Detox Kitchen (and mum of three - who PS is wearing the most amazing denim playsuit). The Detox Kitchen is basically all about food - which you can have delivered to your door or go in and eat in one of their London Delis. Launched when everyone seemed to be calorie counting, Lily believed in wholesome, nourishing food that was good for both mind and body.

Lily is unassuming and incredibly smart. Building her brand from just herself to over 60 people in seven years with lots of wins (and setbacks too like most of us entrepreneurs).

We're a little squished into a recording studio today but we instantly hit it off. We're here to talk about building a wellbeing brand yet quickly connect on the lack of sleep we've had over the years from little ones and that JUGGLE. You know the one - the work/life thing?!

I ask Lily about her experience of building a wellbeing brand. And she shares her insight of how she built her business from the kitchen table and how to get over that daunting feeling of asking the bank for funds, how she believes in finding mentorship, authenticity and how her free PR slogan 'Your day just went from 'nuffin' to 'muffin' got her business noticed. Plus how she got Gwyneth Paltrow to try and love her food too.

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