Who’s ready to hit the Hamptons?

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Jul 25, 2021

Who’s ready to hit the Hamptons?

Oh hi Hamptons! We can’t think of a better place to spend the summer than by the beach in Montauk, boosting our wellbeing (and indulging in a spot of yoga) with Hero Beach Club (@herobeachclub). We’ve teamed up because we think this chilled out hangout is the perfect partner for our summer of wellbeing, and we’ll be bringing everyone who stays this summer a whole heap of NEOM goodness. Who’s ready to boost their wellbeing and feel GOOD?

Heading to Montauk this August? Here’s what’s happening...

Boost your energy

Come and say hey (and namaste) this August and if you’re a guest at the hotel, do we have some plans for you. Every Monday, join Cosmic RX for a scented meditation session on the beach using NEOM products to boost your energy and focus, and help you feel totally centered.


It’s hard to feel down when you’re gazing out over the Atlantic ocean, and chilling in the dreamy surroundings of Hero Beach Club. But who doesn’t love a little mood boost? We’re sprinkling our own brand of feel good throughout the hotel, with free gifts available to ANYONE who wants to swing by and say hi, and if you’re a guest for two nights or more, you might just find something exciting in your room, or on your door handle each morning. We’ve got ten giveaways to give to guests...good luck!

Find your calm space

Stepping into the Hero Beach Club is like stepping away from real life anyway, but we believe time away should be for resetting, recharging and letting go of that stress. So we’re dialling up the tranquil vibes in the hotel with NEOM Wellbeing Pods and diffusers in strategic places, that might just give you some inspo for your own home haven when you do have to return to real life (boo).


Anyone who knows NEOM knows we’re obsessed with sleep. Good sleep, that is. So when we were presented with 38 whole rooms to kit out, we couldn’t wait to get started. If you’re staying two nights or more, you’ll get a whole pile of goodies to prep your room, your mind and body for the best shut-eye ever. Which just means more energy for yoga, surfing, whatever, in the morning!“It’s great to see NEOM team up with Hero Beach Club, it’s a beautiful spot in a part of the world I love (and have forever been trying to spend my summers there)… where better to focus on your wellness than Montauk beach? My time at Hero Beach Club is always amazing and I have loved seeing (and smelling) NEOM in the yoga sessions and all around the beach club. All the lucky guests and Montauk locals find it their blissful place.” - Dria Murphy, Wellness curator.

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