Why I had to make the Wellbeing Pod Mini

Posted by Rachael Gibson, May 10, 2021

Why I had to make the Wellbeing Pod Mini

When we created our Wellbeing Pod a few years ago I was totally overwhelmed with how much everyone loved it, and how quickly it became part of so many people’s home lives and wellbeing. Of course I knew how much I believed in it, and how much we all believed in it at team NEOM, but to hear that so many of you felt the same was just amazing. But it’s my mission to help you feel good always, and as I used my Wellbeing Pods more and more I realised there are some places it just won’t reach. And it turns out you were feeling the same, so we just HAD to make a mini portable oil diffuser

That’s why I can’t WAIT to introduce the Wellbeing Pod Mini to you all - it’s the perfect small diffuser, a little sister to the main pod that helps you build a proper diffuser set for your home. The durable casing (and the fact you don’t need water) make the mini ideal for kids’ rooms, and it’s a rechargeable diffuser, holding 50 hours of charge so you can charge it by USB and then move it around the house with you, without having to worry about being near a socket. You can even use it as a car scent diffuser which is quite honestly miraculous, but just shows how perfect it is for those smaller places. And while the Wellbeing Pod is amazing for the larger rooms in my home like the living room and main bedroom, it’s too intense really for the downstairs bathroom or a little home work nook, so this is where the mini will really come into its own. With the main pod and a mini (or two!) I can dial up the intensity and different scents in each room as and when I need to, at the same time.

The way it works is so clever too - you screw in your chosen Essential Oil Blend bottle and the mini will nebulise it into a microfine vapour without heat or water -  just scent for hours and a wellbeing boost at the touch of a button. And you don’t need to clean this one between uses either (because there’s no water), so it’s super easy to switch and go. And because it’s for small spaces our main Essential Oil Blends range is just perfect for delivering the right amount of scent - so you get a wellbeing boost without overwhelming the space.

My picks:


I’ll be switching from Jasmine, Bergamot & Geranium Essential Oil Blend 10ml in my downstairs bathroom diffuser to Real Luxury in my reading nook and Moment Of Calm when I sit down to work. 

For the kids’ rooms, having the mini pod and Perfect Night’s Sleep oil is going to be amazing at bedtime for prepping their rooms for sleep.

Give it a try and as always, let us know how you’re finding it over at @neomorganics