"Wonder woman? No. Exhausted? Yes."

Posted by Adam Meads, Jul 12, 2019

How the small steps make a big difference.

Cue kids summer hols have started and I'm writing this at 7.48am from the office, already been for a run, done the school club drop off and a dozen emails in. Wonder woman? No. Exhausted? Yes. It's just been a crazy busy few months chasing my tail to be honest. It happens I reckon once a quarter, when everything just gets on top of me. You know the moment? You're cursing at the dog/washing machine/ kettle/ other innate objects because you cannot. Fit. Another. Bloody. Thing. In. 

We talk a lot about "small steps, big difference" and we know it resonates with you guys, so I am taking a leaf out of my own book and following these guidelines. I've always believed that wellbeing can start with the small moments. The deeply relaxing bath that prepares you for a good night's SLEEP. The candle that creates a calm zone and LESS STRESS in your busy family home. The shower wash that helps you have MORE ENERGY and ready to kick ass at 6am. The fragrance in your bag, which helps to give you a daily MOOD BOOST. Our fragrances are 100% NATURAL with true wellbeing benefits; to help you sleep better and stress less. It's something that I need to remind myself of right now, when work life balance is pushed to the max. Sure a yoga retreat in Ibiza would be lush, but hey the purse and the diary aren't in agreement so I'm making the little moments work. This mantra is the bedrock of the brand (and my life!) because I really do think you can start your wellbeing journey small.

When I was once in one of our stores one customer took me to one side and told me how life with 3 children, working 10 - 12 hour days and a sick mother in law was taking its toll. She'd recently been into the store and treated herself to some Perfect Night's Sleep Bath Salts and she'd learnt the NEOM 7/11 breathing technique. With tears in her eyes she thanked me for opening her eyes to some simple tools she could integrate into her evening routine that gave her 15 mins of time for herself, that helped her decompress from a hard day and prepare her for a great night's sleep. This small step has made all the difference.

Moments like this totally make my year because I absolutely believe that even one small step in the right direction, a 5 minute break in the day can kick start this journey for you, so don't be put off by the size 8 instagramming goddesses drinking green smoothies in the dappled sunlight...they are wellbeing guru extraordinaire's, but you can feel better yourself...today.

I'd love to hear from you and how you're weaving the small steps into your life. I'm over on Instagram @nicolaelliottmoss.