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Prepare for Sleep with Relaxing Candles

Looking to unwind and prepare for a Perfect Night’s Sleep? Try lighting one of our bestselling candles which have been expertly blended essential oils to help you relax.  Renowned for its calming benefits, our luxury lavender candles are a fan favorite for your night time routine. For those who aren’t a fan of lavender scents, try our chamomile sleep candle instead. Whichever you choose, our soothing bedroom candle will help you to drift off for the dreamiest of sleeps.

Maximize Relaxation with Matching Products

Create the nightly routine of dreams by pairing one of our relaxing essential oil candle with something else from our collection. Why not boost our signature sleepy scent even further with a gorgeous aromatherapy diffuser or comforting room spray. Not only will this help boost the calming effect of the essential oils, but it will also make your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep.

Relaxing candles aren’t just for the bedroom though… try lighting one of our bathroom candles. Our luxury 3 wick candles are perfect for creating zen vibes. Try our scented bubble bath and you’ll be ready for sleep in no time.

Soothing Candles for the Gift of Self Care

There’s no better gift than one that boosts their wellbeing and our relaxing candles are great for those who need a little time-out. If you know they struggle with sleep, our luxury candles (which have been expertly blended with essential oils) will certainly be well-received.  For the ultimate gift, pair one of our relaxing candles with some of our other dreamy favourites like a beautiful oil diffuser with the same scent or one of our bathing essential oils to help them supercharge their bath times.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing with NEOM

We’re big on boosting your wellbeing through our collection of aromatherapy products which includes our range of stunning home fragrance productspractical car diffusers, and relaxing bath foams alongside lots of other feel-good favorites. Each and every one of our products has been expertly created to help you with your sleep, stress, energy and mood.