My Wellbeing Toolkit: Dr Mariel Buquè

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Mar 07, 2021

My Wellbeing Toolkit: Dr Mariel Buquè

Licensed psychologist and sound bath meditation healer Dr Mariel Buquè (@marielbuque) is all about the balance. When she’s not helping her clients and community disentangle their mental health from inherited stresses and traumas, she’s teaching a holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health. But even the most qualified and experienced practitioners need to refill that cup’s how she does it.

“Things [feeling] peaceful around me is a day of good wellbeing for me,” Mariel says, “My biggest wellbeing challenge is my imposter syndrome and believing that I belong”. Coming from a woman with a PHD, do we need any more proof, ever, that imposter syndrome can come for ANYONE? It’s a nasty beast, but there are a few key things to keep in your wellbeing toolkit that can help keep the worst of those negative thoughts at bay.

If you find yourself thinking ‘I am not good enough’, stop, take a moment, and find something to lift your mood. Do what speaks to you; whether that’s finding a way to feel peace like Mariel (some slow, long breaths), moving your body in a quick stretch or walk around the block or simply reaching for a fix of your favourite mood-lifting essential oils. You’ll break the negative mental spiral and benefit from things being put in perspective. Yes there IS a world out there! Secondly, adding a few techniques to build resilience into your everyday routine can really help over time, as instead of feeling panic when a difficult or unknown task arises, you’ll find you have more bounce-back than you did before. Reframe your thoughts and find one thing to be grateful for everyday (because even the worst day has a best moment) and try journaling to declutter your brain before sleep.

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These small changes are the whole concept of a wellbeing toolkit: Small changes, BIG difference. They can be whatever products or gadgets help fulfil your wellbeing needs, but sometimes they’re super-simple things that can have a knock-on effect. Mariel practices mindful eating, “Everyone can get into [it], the experience of slowing down and being presently attuned to your meal.” Starting with just a few meals a week, taking the time to eat without your phone, TV or a book, stretching out the meal and focusing on the mind on where your food came from can have knock-on effects to your overall health, and that all-important mind-gut connection. And when your guy is happy, that means serotonin (happy mind!)

 And speaking of a break from the phone or TV, Mariel is an advocate of balance with tech, too, “I engage at specific times in the day, then the rest of my day, I’m actively participating in my life and trying to stay off my phone”, she says, “Balance is everything and it looks different for us all. But I do believe in engaging at specific times in the day, rather than whenever you feel an urge.”

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And there are plenty of ways to get your non-digital R and R, Mariel’s recommendations for reading include The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk and It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn. She’s also a fan of Hanahana Beauty for products that nourish your body with a mission - theirs being to inject some GOOD into the industry and support the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana at the same time.

Dr Mariel Buque