My Wellbeing Toolkit: Yasmine Cheyenne

Posted by Rachael Gibson, Mar 09, 2021

My Wellbeing Toolkit: Yasmine Cheyenne

Yasmine (@yasminecheyenne) is on a mission to share her wealth of self-healing knowledge, so that everyone she teaches can shed their past and focus on the NOW. Her wellbeing journey is just that, a journey, and she’s shared with us some of the things she keeps in her back pocket, to get her through the tough times. 

“I think we all have challenges when it comes to taking care of ourselves,” she says, “it varies based on what we’re going through and what we need in that moment. Instead of focusing on my’s important to me to celebrate where I’m growing. The challenges will always be there because we’re human, and acknowledging them is important, but I’m currently focusing on what I’m doing well.”

The idea of a wellbeing toolkit  is that you can build up a bank of tips, tools, products and mantras - whatever works for you - and swap things in and out at different times in your life. The pandemic has seen us all need drastically different things, for example if you used to avoid tech for better sleep, it might have become your best link to family and friends. Yasmine still cautions against social media though, “During the pandemic, I’m giving myself permission to use tech in whatever ways help me feel best - watching shows that make me laugh, calling/texting friends and looking at social media accounts that bring me joy. My one rule is to ensure I’m only following accounts that make me feel’s great for us all to do to ensure we’re not putting our energy into things that don’t serve us!”

One of the things that best serves us is one of the hardest to keep on top of, and that’s time. Time for YOU. “Take at least 15 minutes for yourself before you start your day,” says Yasmine, “As a mom, I do have to wake up earlier to do this but it really helps me feel like I’m not rushing my day.” Happiness Scented candle Real Luxury Scented Candle (3 Wick)

And what you do with that time is totally down to you, maybe you’re into meditation, or you’ve found a hobby you want to get good at, or you just need quiet time to read a book and escape. Yasmine’s go-to for reading is The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Or maybe you just want to find a peaceful spot and have a few moments with your favorite scented candle, “...the NEOM Happiness and De-Stress candles smell unbelievable and burn so incredibly slow.”

Ultimately, Yasmine’s wellbeing goal is: “Allowing myself to feel how I feel while supporting what I need to feel my best.” AMEN!

Find loads more tips and ideas for building your own wellbeing toolkit over on the NEOM blog, and join us @neomorganics